Water Monitor System

The LAS-C25 Intelligent Water Monitor System

An Intelligent Water Monitor System comprising of the Water Monitor Device, Water Monitor Control Panel and Water Monitor Alarm Panel. The water monitor device integrates a series of advanced IR/UV sensing technology to accurately determine the location of a fire source within its protection radius and discharges water directly at the source extinguishing the fire in a matter of seconds.

System Components

Water Monitor Device


  • 3 Stages of detection reduces the risk of false alarm

           Stage 1 - Flame Sensor Detection

           Stage 2 - Horizontal Sweep

           Stage 3 - Vertical Sweep

  • Accurate positioning of nozzle at fire source
  • Concealed nozzle
  • Self-diagnostic capabilities

Water Monitor Alarm Panel

  • Located at the FCC Room
  • Event logging of any occurrence of alarm or fault
  • 240 x 60 pixel Large Graphic Display

Local Manual Control

  • Manual keypad navigation of the water monitor and nozzle to direct the water jet onto the fire source
  • Water discharge can be started or stopped from the Local Manual override Control