Smoke Control System

Engineered Smoke Control System

Rhythme's Engineered Smoke Control System is made up of a smoke containment system as well as a smoke ventilation system. The purpose of the smoke containment system is to prevent the rapid spread of smoke from one area to another while the smoke ventilation system helps to remove smoke from the building which allows lower level escape routes to be free of smoke.

Smoke Containment

Rhythme's Smoke Curtain System is a form of Active Smoke Barrier that controls and contains the smoke from rapid spread across other parts of the building by utilizing fire resistant fabric that is rolled around a roller.

An Overview

In Smoke Control Systems, physical barriers are often required to contain or channel smoke to create a smoke reservoir for extraction out of the area. These physical barriers may be static or active depending on design and aesthetic requirement.

Our Smoke Curtain System utilizes 9Square's SmoKURTAIN which is a physical barrier in the form of a smoke curtain that comes in both active (movable) and static versions.

When powered, the smoke curtain will be retracted and held above ceiling level.

During a fire, the smoke curtain receives a signal from the fire detection system and automatically unrolls, forming a physical smoke barrier.

Smoke Curtain


Double Housing

  • Curtains overlap to achieve an infinite straight length
  • Default Configuration

Single Housing

  • Housing for single smoke curtain up to a maximumwidth of 5,500mm.

Smoke Ventilation

After the smoke has been contained by the smoke curtains, we have our Smoke ventilation System to help to remove the smoke from the building, allowing evacuation routes to be smoke free.

Louvre Type Smoke Vents

  • For wall and roof mounting
  • Easy to install
  • Fitted as standard with an inter-blade silicone treated polypile seal.

Flap Type Smoke Vents

  • Designed for fire ventilation that can be mounted to the roof or wall
  • Easy to install
  • Fitted as standard with double seal around the lid perimeter