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Serial Devices



RAN/RLD - Remote LED Annunciator/Driver
Remote LED AnnunciatorThe Remote Annunciator is capable of displaying the status of ten zones, each of which may be in "alarm", "trouble", or "supervisory" state. The RAN also has a beeper, which is used to audibly annunciate alarms and troubles. A keyswitch allows the user to silence and reset the RAN, as well as (optionally) the host panel. The RAN is connected to an S1000 Control Panel via an RS-485 network. Up to sixteen RANs may be connected on the network.
Model RAN/RLD P/N 4035


RDA - Remote Display Annunciator
Remote Display Annunciator The SafeTECH RDA (Remote Display Annunciator) is a Series 3000 network device which provides a remote display capability for a Series 3000 fire alarm control panel system. The RDA features:
bulletAn attractive and durable metal enclosure
bulletAn 80-character LCD (4 lines of 20 characters each)
bulletNine color-coded LEDs
bulletA 16-key keypad, with full-color overlay
bulletA beeper, for audible annunciation of system status

The RDA mimics the host control panel's LCD, LEDs, and beeper, so that the host panel's status may be viewed at a remote location. In addition, the system may be silenced and reset from the RDA. The system may not be otherwise programmed or controlled from an RDA.

The RDA is powered from the host panel, and thus needs no local power for operation. This also means that the RDA is battery-backed (thru the host panel) and will remain operational if AC power is lost.

Model RDA P/N 3000-6006


TZB - Ten Zone Class B Expansion Module
The Series 3000 accommodates 12 TZB modules (120 Class/Style B zones).  Ten (10) Style B zone initiating circuits are provided with Ten (10) zone expansion module.  These initiating circuits are power limited and are resettable under microprocessor control.  The TZB communicates over a serial communication bus and is able to be located remotely from the main panel via a four-wire connection.  The TZB will support up to 4 ZRM zone relay modules. 
Model TZB P/N 2936



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Last modified: October 10, 2003