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Smoke Control System


The Series 3000 
The built-in proprietary RS-485 network provides for the addition of up to 126 serial devices including conventional zone inputs (TZB/FZA) , Remote Programming Displays (RPD) , Remote LCD annunicators (RDA), LED annunciators/LED drivers (RAN/RLD), municipal box connection (CBM) and digital communicator (NWD). 

Using the Series 3000 for retrofit? 

The digital SLCs will communicate over existing wiring. Just change the panels and devices with only minor modifications to existing wiring. Save time - and make the entire installation more cost-effective. 

Need additional power? 

The IPB-3, IPB-6 and IPB-8 can provide additional 24 VDC power for any application or boost your notification appliance circuits. 
Ongoing development efforts will provide software enhancements and companion products including: 
bulletNetworking Monitoring Package - up to 32 panels may be networked over RS-485 using copper wire or cable fiberoptic connection
bulletNetwork Monitoring/Control Package (requires UL listed PC)
bulletIntegrated Digital communicator (Central Station communicator or remote diagnostic capabilities)
bulletIntegrated Digital Voice and Fire Phone communications



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Last modified: October 10, 2003