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Series 3000




Series 3000 Box AC Power 220 VAC 50/60Hz Smart, Universal Power Supply

DC Power Standard 6 Amps total available for all outputs combined 8 Amp supply available as option All outputs are filtered and regulated

Initiating Circuits 2 Digital SLCs standard (252 SLC points) Expandable up to 12 digital SLCs (1512 SLC points) Digital communication protocol 6000 ft. wire run with 16AWG cable 126 Addressable devices per SLC Style 4, 6, or 7 configuration All circuits fully supervised All circuits protected from surges

Notification/Auxiliary Power Circuits 4 Programmable circuits Each circuits programmable to be either a notification or auxiliary power output Notification circuits can be Class A or B Auxiliary power circuits can reset or be continuous 2 Amp limit on current draw per circuit subject to limitation of power supply All circuits are current limited, filtered, and regulated All circuits fully supervised All circuits protected from surges Programmable signal patterns: March Time, Temporal Code, Two-Stage, and California Code

Cabinet 28" High x 14.5" wide x 4" deep Red 16-gauge CRS construction Space at bottom for batteries Knock-outs provided in top, sides, and back Door has window, key lock, and is removable without the use of tools

Panel Annunciation 80 Character backlit LCD display  LEDs for Alarm, Trouble, Supervisory, Silenced, AC-Power, Off-line, and Test Mode 16 Button keypad

Remote Annunciation Connect via RS-485 data bus, 4 conductor wire RLD drives up to 150 LEDs for graphic point annunciators Remote programming station duplicates display and buttons on panel

Series 3000 Interior Relay Outputs System alarm relay form C System trouble relay form C Up to 20 zone relays, form C, optional All relays rated at 10 Amps AC, 5 Amps DC

Analog Addressable Devices XP95A Devices Photoelectric sensor head [ Details ] Ionization detector head [ Details ] Heat sensor head [ Details ] The same 6" base for sensors and detectors [ Details ] Fast response contact monitor modules for 2" & 4" boxes [ Details ] Supervised output module [ Details ] Isolater module

Other 1999 Output Groups Real-time clock/calendar display 500-Event history log Password protected access to programming mode Optional module for Local Energy City Box Serial output for printer



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Last modified: October 10, 2003