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Fire Safety and Smoke Control Specialist

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Rhythme Technology is a life safety solution provider specialized in fire and smoke management.

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    Rhythme Technology Pte Ltd was formed in 1993. We grew from an installation contractor to a One-Stop solution provider involved in the designing, supplying, installation and maintenance of fire alarm and smoke control systems catering to the needs of our clients in all aspects of fire safety management.

    Our core business includes the design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning and maintenance of active fire protection systems such as sprinkler, wet risers, hosereel, fire alarm, smoke control and intelligent water monitor systems for commercial, industrial and multi-residential complexes.

    We have a group of experienced personnel in the fire safety industry procreate the business and it is our passion to own and function the company. Through our experience and the resources in the company topped with out superior customer service, we have gained a reputation as a company with strong integrity and a clear focus: It is a reputation we continue to strive for and develop.

    And while many growing companies may lose contact with the ultimate source of viability; the customer, we work hard to maintain the vitality of these relationships. For it is only through understanding the needs of our customers that we can achieve sustained long term growth.

    Rhythme is a business focused on long term growth - always looking towards the bigger picture. Yet, we continually strive to master every detail imperative so succeed.

    We trust as you read about Rhythme, you will have an affinity for our values, passion and our aspirations.

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Our Solution Systems

We provide Firesafe Solutions tailored to any customer requirement. Whether offering ancillary items to full intelligent network systems, our ability to harness the groups extensive engineering resources can provide a high degree of flexibility on any occasion. We specialize in all key areas of active fire protection system.

Fire Alarm System

Our Fire Alarm Systems are catered for both Small-Medium and Medium-Large buildings.

Smoke Control System

Effective in containing and ventilating the smoke

Water Monitor System

Has the capability of detecting and extinguishing a fire in a matter of seconds.

Design and Build

One-Stop solution for Engineered Smoke Control Systems serving all developments such as Shopping Centres, Mixed Developments etc.

After Sales Service

We provide maintenance services that includes island-wide 24 Hour back up service calls.

Value Engineering & Project Management

Our pool of resources with over 20 years of experience leverage on our existing product range to provide the most favourable solution to our clients.

Our Strategic Partners

Rhythme Technology works closely with our strategic partners from different regions to leverage the overseas market.

Accreditation & Certification

Rhythme Technology Pte Ltd is registered with BCA. We are also an ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certified company that has attained the bizSAFE Level Star by the Workplace Safety and Health Council

Fire Safety and Smoke Control Specialist

Rhythme Technology is a life safety solution provider specialized in fire and smoke management.

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